First time I saw Niklavs was in the OG Imanta skatepark. I remember him doing 360 shoves all the time. That didn’t bother me so much, as I was into 360 shoves as well back then. What did bother me was that he was doing them better than me, but even more than that—his colored wheels. Every wheel of a different color. Oh my god. There’s nothing worse than that.

I have no clue how I overcame my grumpiness, but we became friends later. We have shared a lot of good times since that first encounter. We worked together on some projects, and I am sure we’ll do more stuff.

Apart from having a Birthday yesterday, Niklavs also has a couple of unused clips. Some of those clips date as far as summer 2016 when we were filming for intense days episode 1. We had a plan to make a super part, but Niklavs grew up too fast and all of his youngster clips became old as well. Now watching this mash up part, try to find out where’s the older and where’s the newer clips. Or just enjoy simple skating of Latvia’s finest. 

Happy Birthday Niklavs! Keep it skating and don’t stop until you ollie everything in Riga.

Previous leftover part – Fricis Štrauss

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