Nauris Dollins: Full circle

In the first episode of RajonTV podcast we talk about Karlis Bogustovs’ interview in DIENA, Gints Gailitis letter to TWS, and Nauris Dollins’ debut in Thrasher Magazine. This time Nauris joined in and we got all the insights. Nauris also talked about his life story: how he started skating, how he dealt with the financial crisis, how got injured and picked up photography.  

We talked about this part too

Stuff we talked about:
Kārlis Bogustovs interview in DIENA 
Kārlis Bogustovs: Glass and Skateboarding mini doc
Gints Gailitis Letter to TWS
Nauris video part 2006 
RajonTV VEF 5 video
Rižijs at Barax video
Madars Thrasher photo
Jaako Photo – Nauris favorite shot

Enjoy the episode. Hit us up in the comments or DMs. Let us know what you think about the podcast.

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