September 2020 felt like a summer month. Judging by the clips, there were no signs of slowing down. All clips that made it in are worth the attention and appreciation. The picks were easy-peasy. Estonian LITT video had a bunch of good tricks and so did some instas here and there. Enjoy the mix and let’s hope October will treat us with some sunny days.

Original clips
10. Gints Frinde of Saldus Saldie – insta clip
9. Lukas Matusevicius of Fully Ghetto – insta clip
8. Samuel Oja – insta clip
7. Rudolfs and Marks – insta clip
6. Kaspars Gobiņš – throaway insta edit
5. Kristers Kalniņš – insta clip
4. Allan Raudsepp – LITT
3. Leon Ruppert – insta clip
2. Mihkel Vahermaa – LITT
1. Raul Urberg – LITT

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