Out of all Baltic capitals Vilnius has historically been prioritized as a skate destination. The city combines all of the essentials: plazas, hills and cheaper produce. SurfHouse, Reede skateshops and VLND Burger got a crew of rippers and sent them to Vilnius. The results of the trip are neatly put together in an enjoyable edit by Kris Suld. The guys did a good job as this seven minute clip is filled with tricks including (what seems to us) NBDs for the streets of Vilnius. Enjoy.

Raul Swith ollie with Kristo on the cam. Photo: Kris Süld
Mihkel Vahermaa drop in. Photo: Kris Süld
Everbody’s new Baltic favorite skater Allan. Photo: Kris Süld
Photo: Kristjan Prik 

Cover photo: Raul Urbeg kickflip the double set. Photo: Kristjan Prik 

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