Shittiest Spots in the Baltics

The Baltic states are becoming more and more interesting to skate. Concrete parks, street plazas and new spots keep popping in different cities. People are keen to make their own little obstacles and DIYs. Despite all of the options, skaters still enjoy to ride crusty and unwelcoming spots. For some it is an everyday reality: you just skate what you have. For others it is an intentional choice and freewill. Whatever the reason, shitty spots are everywhere and everyone had tried riding them, or was forced to. They look fun on video, but in reality they will kick you in the shin and tear your favorite pants apart. 

In this new segment we look at some of the shittiest spots in the Baltics. Spots no one takes a road trip to. Spots skated by few. 

In this episode we asked Meelis Erm, a true shitty spot enthusiast, to take us to this up rail we’d seen in bunch of his videos. This is the result.

In case anybody is keen on going to skate this amazing spot, we have the location below. Knock yourself out! 




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