Painfully Brief History of Latvian BS Noseblunts

Eduards Nehajenko culminated April’s top 10 with a bs noseblunt. In the IG post Eduards told the story of how he learned the trick. He is among few Latvians who have executed a bs noseblunt slide in the streets. This makes Latvian skateboarding scene sound so weak, but it is true. There are not so many street bs noseblunts by Latvians. Made men are scarce among us. We had people do bs noseblunts in parks, of course. Niks, as you all remember, did a kickflip bs noseblunt in Salaspils. Also, Andis did one in VEF, on a round rail. But what about the streets? 

Emils Metlans BS Noseblunt (stall) at Saules Akmens Bank. A scan from Triecienspēks. Same issue.

Even if we take desperate measures and count variations—nollie, stalls, flat— we still won’t have many bs noseblunts. But why? Is this trick so hard nobody can pull it off? Latvian street skating exists for 30+/- years. We can ollie high enough, alley-oop backside and press on the noses of our boards, can’t we? It doesn’t sound complicated, in theory. In reality—it is a f…king BS Noseblunt: the real life equivalent of wining a Porsche in a Coca-Cola lottery. It doesn’t happen so often. 

However, some of the best Latvian skaters attempted the trick and even rolled away from it. For educational purposes, we present the only bs noseblunt slides (on ledges in the streets) by Latvians, that we know of. 

Exhibit A: Rudolfs Henčels -Mosquito: Afalta Bērni 2007

Rudolfs Henčels, the man who appears in every nostalgic post, took his nollie bs nosebluntslide to fakie to Barcelona.  Since ledge situation in Latvia was rather grim in 2007, no wonder he went to Barcy. You need a perfect spot for a bs noseblunt. You need to respect the trick. Although sliding part might seem minimalistic, for a bs noseblunt — it is huge.  

Exhibit B: Rudolfs Baltiņš – Sea Side Sk8: Legalize 2008ish

Another Rudolfs and another non-Latvian spot. Proving that dudes named Rudolfs are more likely to have bs noseblunts, and that there are, again, not so many good ledge spots for bs noseblunts in Latvia. Where can you do one? At blue box? Good luck. Well, Rainis is perfect for a goofy footed bs noseblunter, but some French guy did it recently. Anyway, the lack of bs noseblunts can be definitely linked to the lack of ledge spots. Consider exhibits C and D below.

Exhibits C and D: Emils Metlans and Toms Gabliks at Kongresu nams in RIGA, both in 2007 (???)

The only two bs noseblunt slides (on ledges in the streets) by Latvians in Latvia (that we know of), are on the same spot. Two guys independently from one another had an idea to pull a bs noseblunt on this ledge at Kongresu nams in 2007. This, again, kind of supports the idea of street spot scarcity and somehow suggests that 2007 was the year of bs noseblunt slide(?).

All of these bs noseblunts were put out prior to 2010 which implies a horrifying conclusion. A whole decade has passed without a single street, ledge bs noseblunt by Latvian skaters. Did somebody put an anti bs noseblunt spell on Latvian skaters? Did Dylan Reider’s (R.I.P.) impossible over that bench made younger generations forget about bs noseblunts, turning them into impossible worshipers? Did the skateparks ruin street ledge culture leaving people do bs noseblunts on round rails? We will never know the answers to these questions. However, we see that things have changed. Eduards’ bs noseblunt in April Top10 embodies the beginning of a new decade. Anti bs noseblunt spell has been removed. Now more people can join the bs noseblunt ranks if they want, care, or can. Will Madars use his pro skater powers and screech a decent 3-5 meter one worthy of his abilities? Will Fricis do a SOTY bs noseblunt? Maybe next gen heroes will put some work into the rare beast? Only time will show. 

2 Replies to “Painfully Brief History of Latvian BS Noseblunts”

  1. Bs noseblunts are the ONE trick of the standardized “basic” trick list that I could NEVER understand. I’ve maybe landed 3 in my life ( all three were the roll straight at corner of ledge approach so they have an asterisk* to if they really count)
    I’ve maybe landed 8 in tranny.

    I’m like a professor when it comes to breaking down trick mechanics. For instance, a back tail you roll at a slight angle, you Ollie as if you were trying to under estimate a back 5050. At the peak you begin the turn by using the space between the ball of your foot and your big toe of your back foot to push, poke and turn the tail into the ledge. Land with your weight a quarter of the distance between the ball of heel and ball of foot, keep shoulders squared to pop out reg, unsquare for fakie

    I know hacks for most of the mechanics for every blunt yet I just don’t get BS noseblunts!??

    I stumbled across your article while googling the history of the bs noseb and saw this page…. Dude it’s really is cool. I never thought reading about another small scenes bubble would be so interesting. It showcases what skateboard scenes are really like, those “big” little moments when your friend gets that “pro level-homwtown” glory- keep it going my friend !

    My scene is called Tipton county. It’s a small small town 1 hour north of Memphis (Elvis land) . We only have like 3 spots, we just got sidewalks, and after we raised money we got a small park. The best memories of my life take place there, with friends pushing each other and showing off for the girl lurkers who wanted a skate boy

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