Full month in quarantine has passed, and the amount of selfie clips is surprisingly low. People in the Baltics don’t restrict themselves too much. Just make sure to sanitize your phones after homies are done filming you. However, the only notable restriction this month is impact. It is strictly low. Everyone keeps close to the ground which, if you think about it, is good. Last things hospitals want to deal with right now is your broken limbs. So keep keeping it low. Also, as you may noticed, we have a bs noseblunt cover again. Second in a row. You can’t just pass a bs noseblunt — it is too rare.

Keep it real … I mean low.

Cover photo by Louis Macleod  hijacked from Eduzuk’s instagram 

Original clips
Intro – Skrituldeli
10. Daniels Siikais Demons – Only non low impact clip.
9. Kernius Trakymas – Insta clip
8. Kristo Oismets – Insta clip
7. Meelis Erm – Insta clip
6. Tim Prozorov – Insta clip
5. Domantas Antanavicius – Insta clip
4. Krasts – Insta clip
3. Romario Siimer – Insta clip 3rd place for 3 bs 3s
2. Samuel Oja – As low as it gets From Kaifa Kafe
1. Eduards Nehajenko – Insta clip


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