Riga 89. Secondary School Plaza

skate spot riga

11 stairs with a handrail plus a chill plaza with manny pads and plastic benches. The ground is perfect flush cobble stone. There is also a pump track on the other side of the school. Everyone will find something to do around there. Kickouts are highly probable. Not a good idea to skate there during school hours obviously.

Minsk Pipe

skate spot riga

A cool pipe thing for the creative minds. Located next to a shopping center and is pretty busy. Despite that there was no kickout. Not much has been done there but the spot has potential. Smooth and skatable.

Address: Nīcgales iela 2, Minska TC

Old photo from Triecienspeks mag 2007

Blue Box

If you want to predend that you are a badass New York city skater that skates real rough street spots, then Blue Box is your spot. It is a mysterious metal box on some parking lot with a disgusting, yet skatable, flatground. Everybody hates this place, but it is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Riga center spots. That is probably why every Go Skateboarding day event ends up here.

Address – Perses iela 2A

Kongresu Nams

riga skate spot

This place has the potential to be the best spot in town. It has stairs, ledges, gaps, and a lot of space. The only down side is that is covered with the shittiest cobble stone which makes it way too unpleasant to skate.

Back in the day (early 2000s) people used to skate here a lot and were happy to have it.  In late 2000s everyone skated the asphalt flat in the park next to the spot. Nowadays the spot is skated only when people try to film something. Still a good spot with a lot of options to be creative. Rare to almost no kickouts. read more

KKC Kicker

Brick kicker/bump over a meter of flat and a curb. Run up goes slightly downhill, so it is easy to get speed. The street is semi busy. Rare kickouts. Mostly people are upset when you skate it in the evening.

Address: Lačpleša iela 7
Take the bike lane from the National Museum up Skolas street, turn right on Lačpleša street.

Mego Handrail

One of the most popular handrails in Riga. Mostly skated down. Can be skated as a flat bar. You can also jump over it or do a hippy jump. It is almost like a skatepark rail but on street. Has nine stairs. The run up is a bit sketchy and potentially narrow for some. They tried to knob it but it didn’t work. Kickouts are possible.

Addres: Usmas iela 2
Directions: Take 1st tram from the center and get of at Botaniskais Darzs stop. Follow the tram direction, it goes over the bridge. The spot is on the right side of the bridge. read more