R LIKES: Rain Lindemann

Our recent posts were mostly centered around Estonia. Mestakooli DIY, Siim Sild’s Koidu edit, Viljandi BASH and now this video of Rain Linderman crushing it. We are stocked on everything that goes down in the Baltics, it is just that recent events were mostly connected to Estonia. Well, this clip is a must see. With a brief cameo from Tubin and Nils-Erik, it is mostly Rain’s part and he goes fast here doing clean tricks on what presumably are Tallinn spots. Not sure who filmed it, nor how old are those clips. We will update the info when we will have time to investigate, right now just watch and enjoy.  read more

R LIKES: Krazy Frankie

Frog skateboards can seem a bit weird. The graphics look like they have been drawn by children, the edits are always set to weird music and filmed on whatever camera was available, and the name of the company: Frog skateboards? Wtf? However, on the other hand, isn’t skateboarding all about freedom, creativity and self expresion? They say you can do whatever you want on a skateboard, but how many companies actually do that? Most brands follow the rules, trends and try to look cool. Well these guys offer an alternative. read more


Another cool vid from Butter Goods. We could use more Mike Arnold footy though, but it was awesome anyway. Familiar Barcelona spot with the crew that we are mostly used yo see at unknown or no-spots spots. But they brought something simple and new to the same old. For instance Morgan Campbell’s  bluntslide on the white bank thing at Paralel. I mean like why didn’t I think of that when I was there? And this is the best part of these videos, kinda keeps you wondering what the next trick will be. And also Josh Roberts’ production never dissapoints. read more

Rajon’s favorite videos from 2017

You know that a skate video is good if you:

  • have a sudden urge to go skate after watching that video;
  • have a desire to imitate tricks from that video;
  • have a desire to dress like skaters in that video;
  • have a desire to be skaters in that video;
  • replay the song from that video in your head;
  • have a desire to tell your friends about that video;
  • have a feeling that you are smarter than everybody else who haven’t seen that video yet;
  • consider buying some expensive gear promoted in that video;
  • have a desire to re-watch that video.
    The last one is the most important probably. You know that if you want to re-watch something, it is good. So, we bring you Rajon’s list of the most re-watched videos 2017.
  • read more


    How to make Brazilian skateboarding:
    Take some tech ledge skating, a slice of mega pop, 2 tablespoons of flip-in-flip-outs, 1 can of tough as fuck dudes, 3 teaspoons of  skill, determination and talent. Bake until it’s brown. Wrap it in some baggy gangsta outfits. Serve.
    Apparently, that was the old recipe, or the one that we are more familiar with, because Brasil’s scene is far more diverse than that, or better to say wild (Portuguese – Selvagen).  Wild side of Brazilian skateboarding has most of the ingredients of the old recipe, although its wrap is slightly different.  
    read more

    Frog Skateboards – Hjalte

    Frog Skateboards gave Denmarks Hjalte (Yaldi) a guest pro model and realeased this edit along with it. Don’t know how guest pro models work, you are a pro for one company, and your homies from another company make another pro model for you? Anyway, frog is rad and their videos make you want to go skate, so what not to like about this.

    Nevsky Express

    Russian Adidas skateboarding division is run by good people who understand what they are doing. At least it seems like that from the videos they put out and the team they have. This video is particularly of interest to us as it shows or homie the talented young Dilip Kharel, a skater from Moscow, who happened to visit Riga this summer. We have filmed some clips with him and some future Rajon projects are going to feature him in familiar Riga spots.

    LSD: the new krooked video

    Two things this video reminded me about: Brad Cromer’s amazing style and Mike Anderson’s existence. I don’t know how but I forgot about these things.  Also it was the first time ever I’ve seen Cromer slam. He is so good it seems he is flawless. Maybe it was his first slam ever? I haven’t seen Mike Anderson footage since his transworld part, so seeing him here was awesome! He got some of mine genuine wows in the end of his part. The rest of the Krooked team is tight as well. I like that everyone has a distinct style and kinda does their own thing. As far as video editing goes the only thing I dislike is the fade to black transitions between some parts. The company is fucking rad and shit like that doesn’t really fit there in my opinion. Anyway the video is great and stands out among most of other mainstream videos that come out. read more

    Carrhart WIP x Absurd OZERO

    Abusrd Skateboards with Carrhartt travel from Moscow to lake Baikal. It is only 6000km trip and they travel in cars. In two fucking cars! If you ever been to Russian and I mean real Russia like the one out side the big cities and on the road you can imagine what that trip was probably like. The video is pretty sick and has some awesome skating and harsh Russian scenery. We need to organize a trip to Russia one day. Latvians in Russia that would be nuts!