R LIKES: Rain Lindemann

Our recent posts were mostly centered around Estonia. Mestakooli DIY, Siim Sild’s Koidu edit, Viljandi BASH and now this video of Rain Linderman crushing it. We are stocked on everything that goes down in the Baltics, it is just that recent events were mostly connected to Estonia. Well, this clip is a must see. With a brief cameo from Tubin and Nils-Erik, it is mostly Rain’s part and he goes fast here doing clean tricks on what presumably are Tallinn spots. Not sure who filmed it, nor how old are those clips. We will update the info when we will have time to investigate, right now just watch and enjoy.  read more

R LIKES: Krazy Frankie

Frog skateboards can seem a bit weird. The graphics look like they have been drawn by children, the edits are always set to weird music and filmed on whatever camera was available, and the name of the company: Frog skateboards? Wtf? However, on the other hand, isn’t skateboarding all about freedom, creativity and self expresion? They say you can do whatever you want on a skateboard, but how many companies actually do that? Most brands follow the rules, trends and try to look cool. Well these guys offer an alternative. read more