Where’s the kicker?

Madars and Kaspars kickoff the second round of our Boss games. The only intrigue about this game is whether Kaspars can put a letter on Madars, which is highly unlikely, but still if he somehow manages, which trick will it be? We already learned that it is hard for Madars to do the priceless, exquisite, and superb fakie frontal biggie aka the Deda spin, but what other Achilles heels does he have? Kaspars likes to do fakie stuff, so some letters could potentially creep from that direction. We’ll see.

On the other note, we sincerely apologize to all Boss of LNB fans worldwide for the absence of the beloved VANS kicker. It is already the second game in a row without the poor bastard. But don’t worry the kicker will joining us in the future episodes.

Next episode: tomorrow!


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