Finally the Baltics can experience a local video on an HPX with face-feet-face filming style. We’ve been toying with that over here at Rajon, but not sure if that’s our lane. Fully Ghetto, on the other hand, handles that pretty well, and I don’t know why they haven’t immersed in that genre before. Their new edit ‘Pueblo’ has that modern skatevid look, and it fits their brand 100%. Also, they dropped the word “gang” and added 67 to their Instagram handle to signify the next chapter of their brand. Not sure exactly why 67, might be because of the numbers that come before? 56. And you know what 56 means? Exactly! Bronze! And the guy who runs that joint, Peter Sidlauskas, is Lithuanian, so it all makes sense. Alright, alright. Getting a bit crazy here. 67 is something else actually. Let’s keep it a secret for now. Enjoy the video and see you in the streets (maybe just one more time).



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