#rajontop10 – March 2022

A lot of great skating this month from all over Baltics, so it just felt like the right thing to do. RajonTV Top 10 that hasn’t been made for almost a year is making a dramatic comeback. The first three were tough. I guess we just intuitivly placed them in geographical order. Hope you guys enjoy. See you all in the streets.

Original Clips
Inrto – Big Mac da intern Riga / Maxlas (he’s alright)
10. Ruta – Kicker is the new flat / Riga/ Spot centre [youtube video] 9. Linards – Riga/ Curb spot 😀 [instagram clip] 8. Madars – Portugal [instagram clip] 7. Boga – Riga/ Barona parks [instagram clip] 6. Deividas Barkauskas – Vilnius/ Kudirka square [instagram clip] 5. Meelis Erm – Tartu/ Tähe indoor [instagram clip] 4. Maksims Feofilovs – Riga [instagram clip] 3. Domantas Antanavicius – Vilnius/ Kudirka square [instagram clip] 2. Aleksis Sokolovs – Riga/ Vef DIY [instagram clip] 1. Kristo Õismets – Tallinn/ Loigu [instagram clip]


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