Kicker is the new flat

Marcis Ruiķis told us once that back in the day every session would end with a mandatory high ollie challenge. They would stack boards and ollie over them on flat, in the end of every session. You can see this when skating with dudes from the 90s/ early 2000s, they are serious about their ollies and pop. Nowadays, all sessions end with a game of skate, and if set indoors—on a kicker.

During summer Riga skaters love to skate flat and during winter when there’s no good flat indoors their love for flat manifests itself on the kicker. Every winter session ends and even sometimes starts with a mandatory kicker program. We are not sure whether this love for kickers is a sign of a healthy scene development or maturity, but it is what it is.

To mark this point in time we bring you our 2022 winter kicker edit. And let’s hope that next year we will grow up and move on to switch back tails or something. Peace.

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