February Links

Hey everyone, another month has passed and we have been blessed with a lot of new videos and events in general in the Baltic skateboarding community.  Let’s take a look what has happened!

Starting of hot, Tikari skateshop dropped their indoor video Gym MEGAMIX from the Spot center. This video is a must watch just because of the crazy amount of tricks fit into this 6 minute video and the absolute chaotic music used. Speaking for myself: I love this video! Everything is happening so fast I had to rewind at times to  understand what was happening.  Again a must watch! Rob did a sick job with the whole it.

Keeping with Tikari for a bit, my good friend Ed Gaba got on the Tikari team! it’s amazing to see him officially sponsored. I can’t wait to see all the clips from Gaba in the upcoming Tikari videos! Congratulations Gaba!

We (rajontv) were also also busy lately, Gaba and Niklavs Vetra headed down to Lithuania to skate the Lithuanian skateboarding federation indoor park. As a result Gaba made a pretty cool video. Also, it is cool to see Lithuanian skateboarding federation President, Justinas Ivoška rip on home turf.

We have also dropped our new merch. Get yourself a piece at your local skateshop, Clockwise or Tikari! The items are available only in skate shops and are limited. Don’t know when we are going to make more. 

I my self also have been busy. My fisheye has finally arrived and the same day it came I went out to The Spot Center and got a bunch of filming done for a Fisheye test part 1! after getting a tip from a friend to turn off the stabilizer, I filmed Fisheye test part 2! Stocked how it all worked out and more vids are definitely coming soon.

Some Riga heads who are particularly immune to the cold sessioned outside.  Gaba and Edijs Plume were spotted at Hansas perons, some other Og heads at Maxlas. Big thanks for cleaning up the big square at Maxla and making it skateable. Videos provided by Rob who keeps making dope videos with his own style. Keep it up Rob!

The 3rd Girls Only skate and inline Jam has seen a new record of people! Hope to see one in March too!

Weather has been improving a lot recently we got a few days where we could skate street and parks. If you see me and Leo Druka out in the streets of Riga come up and say “Hi” and we will let you in on a secret. Haha that’s about all I have for this month thank you, goodbye!

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