Riga DIY chronicles

Not a lot of Lermantov parks’ regular dwellers are aware that the concrete bench next to the abandoned library house is a DIY skate spot. Located on the top of the park’s small hill, the bench feels hidden and blends perfectly in the surroundings as if it’s been there all the time. Riga DIY built that bench in May 2020. Ironically both real park benches got destroyed by some vandals (not skaters) and the DIY bench became useful for regular park users. One day we came to skate it and found two ladies sitting on it. Probably after a hard day at work, the bench was a perfect chill spot for them to sip cocktails and chat. We didn’t ask them to move. Instead we left to skate another spot. After all we skate stuff not meant for skating all the time. So it just seemed fair to let people sit on something that was not meant for sitting. They are just the same as us, enjoying their free time.

The bench was perfect and smooth as if build by pro skatepark builders

During building, a passer was intrigued by our work. He observed from a distance, making us feel nervous. Who knows what’s on his mind, he might call the police. To our surprise he was not only supportive of our work but also wanted to give some practical advice about concrete work. He went on to say that he enjoyed moments when generation can meet and exchange experience. Probably this is what DIY is about.

Huge shout out to Riga DIY and it’s founding father Fricix for making this crazy vision a reality.

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