January Links

Hello everyone, Big Mac’s here and it’s already been a month into the new year with many Insta videos coming out and not only. Lets get right into January.

Straight Forward Skateboards posted a trailer for apparently a new video. Just coming off the heat of ‘Viss Taisni’ and already going to work on a new video, excited to see what the team has in store for this one. Insta post says that the company got a hold of some new camera gear for this new project. Does it mean we won’t see the classic (criminal) Hi8 look anymore? That would be a great loss for our community. Also, Straight Forward put out some new gear which is cool, but the mugs got to be the best collectible item yet. Don’t tell me you are going to drink coffee out of it.

Fricis being Fricis hit the streets in January. Out of all winter spots he choose the most unsuitable for the weather conditions.

Our homie Roberts Krūms posted a new video on his instagram called ‘learning to fly’! If you are into art house and weird stuff with philosophical meaning you might not regret watching this vid.

Taking it to Estonia we got a video from Rainer Kaur ‘Nilsi kiire Loigus’ a nice short edit at one of the indoor parks in Estonia. Video has a bit of a quick pace with some really cool looking tricks and a nice laid back song.

Back in Latvia we had another girls only Skate/inline Jam and Lindahas a few sentences about it: We were a bit scared before the first event because we thought we won’t be able to get together because of omicron, however there were  18 skaters. It is awesome to skate together as you want go faster and jump higher.

Seemed like a good time, we hope to see another Skate/inline Jam soon again. They also managed to get some cool pictures too! Photographer: Kristiāna Eglite

Yeah that was about it this month, we got some ideas and plans sometime soon but for now its quiet and empty, stay tuned for next months recap we hope to see the weather get better and maybe even a day or two where we will get to skate outside.

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