Meanwhile in Vilnius

It has been a while since we had a good session on a corner. Riga just has no good corners in indoor parks. But it was not always like that. Both versions of Monster park used to have nice corners, close to 90s style ones. They had banks with the right angles that could through you high if you wanted to. The first version of the park had a steeper corner which mellowed out a bit in the second reincarnation. However,  designed by BMXers, these things were still more on the massive side. Gtiim skatepark on the other hand, had a more modern approach to corner building. Gtiims corner had more democratic proportions which made it accessible to all skill levels and types of people. Even die hard corner haters like myself skated that thing with joy.

The corner in Vilnius SkateHub aka Lithuanian Skateboarding Federation TF is a thought out piece. It is both a nod to 90s’ massiveness and a bit of equality. One side has a steeper bank and the other a smaller and milder slope which is nice to land to. It is big and small at the same time: a biggie smalls of corners. The park has its doors opened to skaters only and that probably made our last session on the corner more enjoyable. 

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