Meanwhile in Saldus

For a small city, Saldus has a decent skate infrastructure, one indoor park and an outdoor park which contains three sections. As it’s been raining all day, we mostly skated the indoor park. The indoor is run by the local Saldus Saldie crew. The guys have built it themselves and kept it running for sometime now.

The park has some traditional Latvian skatepark elements such as a fly box and huge quarters, but also it has a more chill zone with flat and movable figures. The boys have kickers of all shapes and sizes, flatbars, two boxes (one of which soaked in a local river for a few years) and a mini spine, which was our favorite thing to skate there.

In the evening the weather cleared up, so we went to to check out the outdoor parks too. The park is pretty big and has a bunch of cool things to skate. We are going to have a separate video review of the park from Fricis and Maksims soon. Stay tuned.

Big shout out to Saldus Saldie for the hospitality. Also, make sure to visit Saldus on 11th of September for Saldus Action Games. More info here.

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