Skating Around Riga

Enjoy this short but sweet clip of Niklavs, Nesaule and Rudik skating the streets and parking lots during the first wave of Covid. Note how fresh Riga looks in this one, and, dare I say it, European. Also, dope to see how skating is brought to more central locations of Riga, like the Stockmann rail. It is somewhat our version of skating at New York’s time square. 

Shout out to Roberts Krums for filming and putting it together. 

2 Replies to “Skating Around Riga”

  1. ss fs board =1
    fakie tre =1
    blunt slide(variations) =2
    wallie(variations/wallrides) IIII =4
    ollie(including switch) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII =16
    crooks =1
    nollie flip II =2
    bs flip =1
    pressure flip =1
    fs 180 (including to manual) III =3
    bigspin(variations) IIII =4
    fs deda =1
    impossible(3shuv) =1
    bs 180 =1
    kickflip =1
    nollie fs heel =1

    average of 1 ollie every 8,9 seconds? sounds good to me

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