Almost forgot we had to make a top 10 this month. All because February didn’t see much action around here. Officially everything is still closed, and unless you know someone who can let you in to a “secret” session, you’re on your own outside in the cold. Presumably Lithuanian situation is similar to Latvian, as it seemed pretty quiet over there. Meanwhile in Estonia things are looking bright. Tons of indoor parks to choose from: Tartu’s Sisepark, Tallinn’s Loigu and that new indoor. Also, there’s the luxurious Spot of Tallinn with its swag price of 13 euro per session, which it seems like some don’t mind paying. This grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side narrative only becomes more evident when you see a crew of Eesti boys downing cold ones in a public sauna after a session in yet another indoor park. Covi… what? 🙂

Anyway, hope everyone’s safe and congratulations on another winter finale. See you all outside very soon, either in person or via a screen.


Original Clips:

Intro: Meelis Erm – Insta clip
10. Denis – Insta Clip 
9. Armands Izinkēvičs – Insa clip
8. Kaspars & Ansis – Insta clip
7. Jaan Suits- Insta clip
6. Mamia Kurshubadze – Insta Clip
5. Niklāvs Vētra – Insta Clip
4. Meelis Erm – OI EI Loigu Skate  
3. Allan Raudsepp – Insta clip
2. Domantas Antanavičius – Insta clip
1. Mārtiņš Reitups – Insta clip

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