“Era of Chill”

This week we talked about Heitor Da Silva and Tanner Van Vark pro debuts, as well as Palace skateboards Stella Artois collab. Of course Baltic stuff got in the mix too. We talked about new clips from Estonian friends Raul and Allan, Fully Ghetto, and old trick tips.  Enjoy episode 2.

Stuff we talked about:
Edgars Berziņš fs melon trick tip
Raul Urberg Kaifuun Network Remix
Allan Raudsepp
Fully Ghetto Update
Synonyms of the word Beast
Vent CITY podcast with Mason Silva
Jerry Hsu Bag of Suck part (fakie flip up three stairs)
Heitor Da Silva – Man of das World
Tanner Van Vark – Real skateboards part
Palace 1 Million Dollars pledge to BLM
Palace Artois

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