The winter is almost here and it can mean only one thing — we will soon see some stacked clips from the vaults of Baltics crews and filmers. That is probably the best part of winter. Hope you guys filmed a bunch this year and we will be entertained till the spring comes back. Although October was rainy, cold and busy, we still managed to find clips for a Top 10 episode. Only one clip is from an indoor, but it’s good. Also, this month we had a bunch of solid heels. Probably @balticheel is happy.

Shout out to everyone holding it down!

P.s. In case you are looking for the authors of Original clips etc. Check the button below!

Original clips
Intro: @barspinskateboards
10. Allan Raudsep – insta clip
9. Richi Dunkul – insta clip
8. Aleks – insta clip
7 and 6. Dovydas and Domantas – SkeTch Book video
5. Deda – Red Bull vid
4. Jefka – insta clip
3. Armands – insta clips (couldn’t decide which one to use)
2. Fricis – insta clip
1. Madars – insta clip

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