#RAJONTOP10 – June 2020

This month we have predominantly Estonian clips in Top 10. Also we went against our not so strong principles and included park clips in the mix. There’s one really long back tail (uncharacteristic for the Baltics) and a perfectly flicked kickflip (uncharacteristic for the Baltics, again).

Hope everyone is having a good time and your stoke for skating is the same as in the first clip.

Original clips
10. Vlad – insta clip Riga
9. Jaagup Mägi Küttim – insta clip Tallin
8. Mamia Kurshubadze – Insta clip Tallinn
7. Valev – Insta clip Parnu
6. Inguna Skujiņa – Youtube video Berlin
5. Romario Siimer – Insta clip Parnu
4. Allan Raudsepp – Insta clip Tallinn
3. Niklavs Vetra – Insta clip Riga
2. Domantas Antanavicius – Insta clip Vilnius
1. Tomass Vilks – Insta part Adaži





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