Via Baltica

Even though some of us have been skateboarding for almost 2 decades, it still feels exiting and fresh to meet traveling pros in our cities. We are not really spoiled with visitors of high caliber here in the Baltics. Every now and then Madars brings his friends over which is always a treat, but other than that the Baltics region is considerably off the radar for the Euro skate scene. For Antiz skateboards it is a bit different. For some time now Antiz is represented here (via clockwise and 14 skate shop). They even hooked up or youthful ripper, Rudolfs Rorbahs, who casually unlocked a deadly spot in Riga that a lot of people were eyeballing since the end of 90s (check video for the trick)  

In the light of all of the above, it was, probably, a no brainer for the Antiz team to come over. Check out the video with some cameos from Baltic heads and stay the fuck home.

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