We really want to believe that this championship raises the level of skateboarding in our country. Before these believes were mere speculations, but now, when we have two seasons behind our back and the third is approaching its climax, we can look back and see that YES, indeed, skaters have risen their bar in Latvia.

We probably need to make a separate post about this, but here is just one example to illustrate this point. The example is called: Nollie Back Side Heel. After the first season of game of skate, we made a statistic of tricks. We had to count all tricks in all games, and nollie bs heel was performed only 4 times through out the whole first season. Arguably the best flip trick around, nollie bs heel is not the hardest trick, rather the most stylish one(?). Anyway, we are always happy to see a nollie bs heel being pulled off in our games, and recently this trick had appeared quite often compared to previous years.

Enjoy the game between these two dope people.

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