How much in love with skateboarding are you?

Happy St. Valentines day everybody. On this day the whole world talks about love and romance, and we are not missing out. Skaters are, for the most part, shy about their feeling, and, on average, can only confess their love to one thing: skateboarding!

We often talk about how we love skateboarding and how it is the best thing in our lives, but if you could measure your love, what do you thing the true answer would be?

Good thing we live in the 21st century – a time when sophisticated internet technology has answers for everything. RajonTV’s psychologist team created this simple 10-question personality test that can determine how much in love with skateboarding you are!

How do you remember the day you stepped on a skateboard for the first time?

What is your top priority when looking for a job?

How soon on a first date do you reveal that you are skateboarder?

How do you feel when you don't skate for a week?

What do you use your mobile phone for?

Who do you usually invite to your birthday party?

What are your plans for the future?

How often do you skate?

Who is your favorite skater?

How long does your skate session usually last?

How much in love with skateboarding are you?
You are head over heels in love!

Your love for this wooden platform on wheels has no limits. Your life is dedicated to skateboarding and you are proud of that. The rest of the world sees you as an idiot, and who can blame them? Even if they are right, it is too late to change anything. You are in love and always will be. Good luck on your journey and never loose faith!
You have a soft spot for it

You really like skateboarding, and it is almost the biggest thing in your life. You skate often and almost every time it feels good. You are almost in love with it, but you are still not ready to take things to the next level. However, don't force it, listen to your heart.
You are just getting acquainted

It is to early to speak about love, as you are still in two minds about taking up skateboarding or not. The local rollerblade store ran out of longboards, so you were left to choose between a penny board and regular size skateboard. A classic story! The regular one had ABEC8 bearings, which was perfect for your adrenaline addiction. Although you were sure that the ROCES blades were staring at you, you bought the skateboard. Now you are trying to figure out what to do with the damn thing. You could have been flying around and enjoying the strapped plastic boots on your feet, but no. You are stuck trying to roll down a bank.
It seems like you have drifted apart

And we are not talking about Atlantic Drift, but it probably doesn't even ring a bell to you. Your relationship with skateboarding has been on the rocks for quite some time. Usually you claim tricks that are way out of your league. You end up not landing anything and end up pissed at the whole world. For you landing tricks is skateboarding, but there is definitely more to that.

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