Tikari skateshop: 2 day vacation in Vilnius

Words by Miks Grantiņš

Vilnius? Pretty God damn good street spots! I Haven’t been here for more than 10 years and it’s way better than it used to be, the flatground most of places has been reconstructed, so moving around the city is pretty smooth and easy. Many skate spots, perfect for any type of skater. What else comes to my mind? Oh! Too many electric scooters, haha, but it’s nice to see people eating shit on them. Also shout out to “Yammi kebab”, one of the best ones I have ever tried!

Of coursr shout out to Commune DIY, mostly Siom Sonkinas for hosting us at their workshop/indoor skatepark much love, Monster energy for giving us an extra boost and Fully Ghetto boys, Domantas and OG Juice for joining our session 🙂

No shout outs go to a place we rented our van, because that piece of shit broke down and died like 8km from Panevezys.

Filmed by Tikari team
Edited by Roberts Krums

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