RajonTV Game of Skate Championship is back! We are proud to announce the start of round 3 which is going to have four battles. The best have made it here and now it is time to find out who will be fighting for the Champion Title on the final event!

Round 3 is going to include the following games:
Kaspars Polis vs Niklavs Vetra
Rudolfs Rorbahs vs Emils Metlans
Jevgenijs Kostirko vs Karlis Bogustovs
Kristaps Judris vs Miks Grantiņš —>
the game we are going to start with!

So, without further, here is the first game of the third round.

Game Commentary

Well, Miks got through without any damage once again. He is in his killing mode at moment: flawlessly destroying his opponents one by one. There is an element of luck however, if Kristap started the game, or had a chance to show his tricks, maybe it would be a different story.

While Miks is on a killing spree here is a little video reminder of how good Kristaps is. Bet you have forgtten about this, or for younger genereation, have never seen this before. Shits bonkers

Next game is coming tomorrow

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