R.USH HOUR 2018 is a wrap. The winners were announced and BBQ was eaten. The weather was incredibly hot that day, so we went to skate outside on the bridge to nowhere spot, which is not far from G-tiim park. There is a hill with barriers, but aside from that we managed to get a box and a rail from Monsterparks, as well as two dangerous “kickers” to skate. Nevertheless, it all turned out great without any injuries or law problems.

Arturs Bogdanovičs (Mr.Boga) was kind enough to make some photos from the event as well, so take a look and also check out the video which is in the end of the post.

On the way to the spot. 
Arts putting in some work
The Mysterious Bridge to Nowhere
Rudolfs nailed a line and Gaba is wearing the new Rajon shirt, DM if interested
Back in HQ just in time for BBQ
Gathering crowd’s predictions. Video in the end of the post
Take it while it is hot
Show time! Props to CONVERSE
Rudolfs got the prizes for the best line on the bridge, as well as was surprised by getting on ANTIZ skateboards flow. So buy some ANTIZ boards to support him!
Arturs Bogdanovičs got the crowd’s favorite part! Well deserved 

And here is the video recap.

R.USH HOUR is over! We are super stoked how it all turned out. Big thanks to all of the participants and supporters – Tikari skateshop, Clockwise Skateshop and CONVERSE. The paln is to return next year with a different crew of skaters. So have a good one and stay tuned!

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