Unreal Tournament 2018

Check the full recap video with all the wildness included from one of the funnest  contests in recent time – Unreal Tournament.  Almost everything  that happened made it to the video.

The main idea of the contest was to have fun with friends and have a pleasant atmosphere where anyone could feel free to participate. We had five challenges arranged for everyone and one challenge for Riga skateshop riders.

First challenge was the chiller challenge. Idea was to make tricks in a relaxed and effortless way.

Second challenge was the MacGyver challenge which basically was like a nod to old times when skaters would cover the holes in their shoes with ductape.

Third challenge was the Monster Gap challenge. A big jump ramp was set up before the stairs and skaters had to jump up the stairs.

Next was the Shop Challenge. Riders had to put a board tougher, do 9 tricks around the park on that board and disassemble it back. Speed and tricks were evaluated here and Boards.lv team won the challenge.

After that skaters had to battle it out on the rail, the goal was to make a trick on the whole rail straight and down or vice-versa. Maksims took that with a switch 50.

The last challenge was the classic Death Race. Defending two times champion Niklavs Vetra once again proved that he is the fastest dude.

Thanks everyone for showing up and see you all next year.


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