Game of Skate Championship: Game Fifteen

The only pro skater we know personally, Madars Apse, plays against a Latvian underdog and our old homie Kristaps Judris. Kristaps works at Riga Skate School in Monster park, so we decided to combine this game of skate with one of the school’s lessons. They call these lessons right? Anyway, the game turned out way better than we expected and probably is the best game we had so far!  

We have only 4 games left in the first round! Shit goes down fast. Next week we might see:

Karlis Bogustovs vs Krišjanis Kalvans
Dimon Deda vs Maksims Feofilovs
Roberts Potašs vs Kristians Petkevičs
Miks Grantiņš vs Sandis Silavs

Stay tuned and Relax!

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