Dungeon Jacuzzi

We took a mini trip to Klaipeda last weekend to visit AJE skatepark and skate in a contest over there. As far as popping goes in the Baltics, Klaipeda’s current scene is popping for sure. Skaters, filmers, shops, skateparks, spots Klaipeda has all of that. You might have been acquainted with the scene a bit from our interview with Phisch Market, a local online shop, but we definitely consider taking a trip there experience it all first hand. 

The odds were rather low, but we even managed to skate around the city a bit on Sunday. And even without guides or spot maps, we stumbled upon an impressive number of good spots (as seen in the vid above). Also, if you are in need of a trip advice, we recommend staying at Dungeon Jacuzzi Apartment, right in the heart of the old town :D.


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