Latvian National Library (LNB) is one of the most prolific skate spots in Riga. It has everything: ledges, stairs, rails, gaps and so on. LNB is also legal to skate which makes it one of the best spots in Riga. Despite LNB’s benefits, it is not as popular among locals as we think it should be. So to bring more life to LNB we partnered with Vans, Tikari and Clockwise skateshops to make a contest at the LNB Plaza! Boss of LNB is basically a game of skate contest around the whole territory of LNB. Inspired by Barcelona’s King of Macba, Boss of LNB features 16 local skaters who will play a game of skate one on one around the plaza. Check the first episode above and the bracket bellow. Stay tuned for more episodes every week.

Episode 2 Tomorrow with Edijs Plume and Marks Vornoņenko 

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