As we are entering the winter level, more and more clips come out from the summer stacks. November already gave us two vids from the Estonian side. and probably we will see more. Lithuanian homies going to drop something for sure. Latvians might join as well. We ourselves are working on two small videos at the moment, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile let’s take a quick look at November’s batch of summer footy.

Illegal Corporation is skate gang from Kandava that make shirts and hoodies. Earlier this year we had an IG clip with them at their local park and recently their first video popped up on youtube. The video shows their summer trip around Latvia. Props for using that Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX song.
Speaking of illegal activities. Its never to late to brake the law.

Maxlas vice president Denčik put out a mix of his clips from summer.  Almost all spots of Riga saw his bigspin flip.  

Roberts Grandans posted his summer clips too.
Never thought someone could skate that huge quarter pipe wall over at Miera darz, especially do a backside disaster on it. Also, some nice clips of our man Fricis in this recap video of Smoke Beer Skateboards trip around Latvia in summer of 2017.
Lastly, check out the clips from Tallinn’s gang.

Have a nice one.

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