We can’t fully dive in 2021 without dealing with some unfinished business.

2020 gave us a lot of headache and sad moments, but somehow skating didn’t suffer much. Maybe to get away from all those headaches, but it seemed people skated as much as before and even more at times. We even managed to make Top10s for every month of 2020 without much hustle (okay, all month except January).

In December we watched street videos such as Unity by Rainer Kaur and Flaming Riga by Fully Ghetto. Also, we saw one young man pull a backflip. December TOP 10 is a mix of all of that.


Original clips
10. Lukas Matusevčius – Fully Ghetto – Flaming Riga
9. Domantas Antanavičius – Fully Ghetto – Flaming Riga
8. Mihkel Vahermaa – UNITY by Rainer Kaur
7. Juris Šantars – insta clip
6. Meelis Erm – UNITY by Rainer Kaur
5. Jakob Aruvald – UNITY by Rainer Kaur
4. Artis – insta clip
3. Kristjan Eier – UNITY by Rainer Kaur
2. Kristo Õismets – insta clip
1. Leon Ruppert – insta clip

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