We are on a super slow pace right now and are a week behind our “schedule”. Yeah, image that!  RajonTV has a schedule. For a few months we even managed to stick to it and post TOP10s on the 1st day of a new month. We are doing relatively good. August TOP10 was sorta special and needed a bit more time to prepare. First of all it is the last summer month, so the tricks that made it are some what summer enders you can say. And second of all, we decided to give away a board from Clockwise skateshop (with a custom hand drawn graphic from Roberts Krums) to the first place. So all of that made it slightly more stressful.

We had to summit a “commission” to help decide who’s got it and who must get the board. A few difficult decisions were made. Hope you guys will agree on the winner.

Remember you can use #rajontop10 to help us discover your clips. Of course we put clips without the # in these lists as well. Hope you guys had a great summer. We are looking forward to see your stacked videos and all that. Peace!

Original clips
Intro Kristofers Ozols (Barspin Skateboards)
10. Aleks – insta clip
9. Tomas Vilks – insta clip
8. Meelis Erm – insta clip Tallinn
7. Romario Siimer – insta clip
6. Armands Baumanis – insta clip Barax
5. Jurgis Ozols – insta clip Barax
4. Allan Raudsepp – insta clip Tallinn
3. Martins Reitups – insta clip Ventspils
2. Niks Kolosovskis – insta clip Barax
1. Raul Urberg – insta clip

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