This month we have an inclination on the Latvian side. Spot wise the situation is the standard: we have Barax, LNB, Lermantova parks (the new hot spot though with a new approaches), , Kudirka and Freedom square in Tallinn. Among new spots we have one “secret” spot in Saldus and a real USA hydrant spot. 

Now it is August, the last month of summer, so go out in the streets get those last summer street clips! Have fun and mess around like seen in the first clip!

Original clips
Intro Edijs Plume
10. Dovydas Jucys – Insta clip Vilnius
9. Kaspars Polis – insta clip Saldus
8. Martiņš Reitups – insta clip Barax
7. Tomass Vilks – insta clip LNB
6. Kristofers Ozols – insta clip Lermantova
5. Fricis Štrauss – insta clip Lermantova
4. Rudolfs Rorbahs – insta clip Barax
3. Allan Raudsepp – insta clip Tallinn
2. Meelis Erm – Night part Tallinn
1. Madars Apse (pro) – DC DOMINO PART – U S A !!!!

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