Commentary [ep.1]

In this new section we will look back at some of RajonTV’s most notable videos with comments and stories from the filmer, Ed Gaba. If you are a skate nerd and you get stocked on some obscure facts about your skate scene, then the Commentary section is for you! It is the first time we do something like this, so let us know if you have any suggestions or questions in the comments.

For the first installment we take a look at MIKROPOLIS from 2014. Hope this can entertain you during the quarantine! Stay safe everybody.  

Links to discussed clips:

Mikropolis full video
Teaser 1 
Teaser 2
Premiere invitation

Mini Gallery from Mikropolis times. 

Kaspars Gobiņš Kickflip in Adaži
Kaspars Gobiņš – Ollie Riga

Kaspars Gobiņs – Fs Flip / Riga 

Edzuk propping his bike. Photo taken on a mobile phone
This was shot for the poster of the video
Gleb Bukhgolts heelfip in Vilnius. One random clip from Vilnius
Premiere after party at KKC
Premiere after party at KKC 2
Zero recollection
More party
Original scan for the titles of the video. By Fricis Štrauss

Stay safe and make skate videos

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