All these years of skating with Kaspars Gobiņš we were 100% sure that he was from Ulbroka. We basically learned about Ulbroka’s existence because of Kaspars. However in the recent Straight Forward podcast, Kaspars revealed that he comes from Vālodzes village, which is just near Ulbroka. For almost a decade we cluelessly called Kaspars the best skater of Ulbroka, a title that he never argued, and now it turns out we were wrong. Of course being the best among two other Ulbrokanians is more prestigious compared to being the best among a few domestic animals and locals for whom riding a bike is the closest to skateboarding they have ever gotten. Despite all the misunderstanding, and for sake of convenience, we will continue saying that Kaspars is from Ulbroka and will not strip him of his Best skater of Ulbroka title (sorry Shenga you almost had it) Because in the end of the day it is not important where you are from, but where you are at.

And Kaspars is in the second round of our championship and is playing a #younggun Kristers Kalniņš aka last man standing from Zamass crew. The game promises to be radical! Enjoy.

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