Poetry, Skaters and other Animals

Couple of weeks ago we got approached by Amanda Kaufmane with an idea for a skate event. Amanda studies literature and enjoys composing poetry. She and her friend Linda proposed a poetry reading event in combination with a skate jam. A pretty odd idea at first, but we liked it. As some of you may remember, we recently took a shot at poetry, so this event idea made a lot of sense. However, what is their plan and what is the idea behind it? We sent five questions to Amanda and hopefully it will shed more light on “Poetry, Skaters and other Animals”.  

Hey, could you please introduce yourself?
We are two friends – Linda and Amanda. We met while making a Christmas related event and stuck together trough other projects and events. Together we could laugh and cry about anything, think of pretty random ways to solve problems and drink lots of coffee. 

Tell about the event and how did the idea came about? 

At first the idea came to us as a joke. We were playing with different scenarios and thoughts, making jokes. But this time it was different. As the idea was so weird we were laughing about it and being pretty sarcastic however somehow it stuck. We became really passionate about it. We decided to do it. To unite skaters and poets. And then dropped the idea because we didn’t know anything about skaters… and then we changed our minds once again. That’s the point! We wanted to know, we got intrigued and here we were again – talking about cute skaters and planning our event. This time for real.

Could you tell about the program? What is going to happen?
Everything will start with an exhibition opening. It will get everyone to not only enjoy the art but also explore the skatepark (the spot center) as it’s going to be the exhibition hall for the night. We are going to continue with some poetry readings. Seems weird enough already as the location is really unusual for this type of activities. As everyone will get used to seeing art in a skatepark we will change it up again and skaters will introduce us to skater jam. Ok, sounds good. You can do anything anywhere. But can you do anything anywhere and at the same time? Yes, you can! We will demonstrate a skater and poet united performance. Ok, we proved our point you may think, everyone saw it happen. Poets and skaters can be friends, but what about anyone else? We found a way that could unite us all. And it’s music, so the night will end with a small concert.

What is the main goal a of the event? 
So if you couldn’t already tell. We are really stubborn. We want to prove to society that the world is bigger than we see it on day to day basis, in our comfort. We want to show different hobbies, different opinions and opportunities.
What are your thoughts on skateboarding?
We find them really cool and see it as a big part of urban culture. We love the aesthetic and everything we see on the streets and on the internet but as we don’t really have any skater friends ourselves we don’t know the reality.
If you are interested make sure to come by The Spot center on 9th of November 19:30. For skating part, we plan to arrange a best line competition. More info to follow

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