First Episode of R.USH HOUR with our man Dimon Deda!

R.USH HOUR is a video contest. We invite skaters for a session to G-tiim skatepark, film their tricks, show to you and in the end we will have a vote to find crowd’s favorite! The plan is to have two videos each week.

Contest is supported by Convers, Tikari Skateshop and Clockwise Skateshop; as well as Straight Forward Skateboards and KATLOOG.

The project is inspired by Maksim Kalanep’s Salaspils Battle back from 2009 (a must watch for those who doesn’t know) and Clockwise Skateshop’s BALTIC TAPE from 2015. So it is kind of a tradition in Latvian Skateboarding to make such contests.

Next on the list is the man behind G-tiim skatepark and the most technical skater we have got! EPISODE 2 Coming tomorrow


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