Monster park with Deda

New Monster park has opened its doors, and is fully skatable now. The park is amazing and really fun to skate.  We visited the first skateboarding evening and were mind-blown by the quality and design of the park. It is warm, has a lot of flat and isn’t slippery (80% less slams guaranteed). The design is super simple: nice balance of spots where you can get gnarly and learn new tricks. Or just cruise around, for instance: you can hit the ledge, do a flip trick, push around, roll into the miniramp, get in somebody’s way, do a frontside grind and then roll away and repeat the whole process again. Really enjoyable. You are in skating a park, but because of all the pushing you do it doesn’t feel like skating a skatepark, you know? Also everyone can find something to skate there and enjoy a good session. For more info on location and prices visit


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