Who would have thought that it would be possible to pull off a skateboarding event outdoors in January? And we are not in Cali, we are here in the north and in the middle of nowhere. So how is it possible? How come we can skate outside in this time of the year? Well it is because of Global warming! Apparently it is real and we are all doomed! But don’t worry, at least no one can blame us for it! We skateboarders have a minimal ecological footprint, right? We skate instead of drive, we hang out outside instead of wasting electricity inside, we utilize public space and take the most of it. Take Prisma parking lot for instance, it is practically abandoned at the moment, but the light is always on there; they just waste electricity there! Good thing we showed up and utilized this space for a good cause. And this is how it went down through the lens of our friend Arturs Bogdanovičs.

Friends showing up
Madars warming up! 
Media crew trying to understand the settings. Still don’t know how to do it. 
First game starts
So many beers on the line
Mr. Flexible
Miks is a legendary game of skate champ in Latvia, so he knows how to judge a game well.
A breathtaking game it was
Next game! Let’s get it!
Pro bartender vs pro skater profile photo 1 profile photo 2
See you at the bar!
Edijs Aizstrauts – Third place! Destiny brought him here and he deserved it!
Finals! Super serious shit!
Madars lost another ro-sham-bo
Seconds before a slam profile shot 3. What is it? A mobbed ollie north?
Super tension! We had people with little children there.
Don’t know what it is, but will he make it?
Nah! Whateves
Get drunk, ride a scooter downhill and we guarantee you will slam less than Fricis skating flat 
What did you think was goona happen?
The winner! Latvia’s favorite son! MADARS APSE!

We would like to thank everyone for coming! We had awesome times. Game of Skate championship will be back this year somewhere in September. We plan to give some new guys a chance, so stay tooned and follow for more info!

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