Rajon’s favorite videos from 2017

You know that a skate video is good if you:

  • have a sudden urge to go skate after watching that video;
  • have a desire to imitate tricks from that video;
  • have a desire to dress like skaters in that video;
  • have a desire to be skaters in that video;
  • replay the song from that video in your head;
  • have a desire to tell your friends about that video;
  • have a feeling that you are smarter than everybody else who haven’t seen that video yet;
  • consider buying some expensive gear promoted in that video;
  • have a desire to re-watch that video.
    The last one is the most important probably. You know that if you want to re-watch something, it is good. So, we bring you Rajon’s list of the most re-watched videos 2017.

Jordan Taylor WKND part 

These WKND videos are always fun to watch, this year they had some more great videos, but I somehow was stoked on this one the most. I like the song and the way how he does kickflips is tight, spots are great and he does the best halfcab noseslide ever. Tell me you wouldn’t want to do something like that! Also the skit that goes through the whole video of him working in an office and dreaming of a vacation is brilliant.


I am a fan of Threads idea vacuum. You can find more about these guys in this article at the theories of atlantis. Basiclay it is a crew of filmers that make videos together. Super visual is their 4th video. Their videos have a distict filming and editing style: for instance they have captions that pop-up on the screen, with comments, references and inside jokes. For example, Dom Henry’s part starts with him doing a kickflip and the caption says: Ancient skate proverb – a day started with a kickflip is a good day.  Or Brian Powderly’s part ends with a back tail and in the caption they have a list of videos that ended with a back tail. Music is really cool in this video too. There is thematic part, James Coleman skate in all yellow outfit throughout his whole part. Little things like these make this video special. definitely watch it or at least check out this trick.

Hockey 3

I don’t even know what I think about this brand. I like it and I don’t. I like some parts of it for sure. Okay, I like it more than I don’t like it. Whatever! I know I didn’t like this video, I liked the previous more – Hockey 2. Nevertheless, this video is here and I re-watched it a lot, but only one part: Andrew Allen’s part of course. I don’t know I just like that guy. His skating is awesome, he goes for the hardest tricks ever, he falls a lot and sometimes he looks really sketchy which is also great. And that fucking song!! Heeeeey little sister. Amazing.

Butter Goods. Step into a world

Josh Roberts is a great filmer and editor. He makes Butter Goods videos and recently Magenta videos. His videos have  a great atmosphere, every part has a nice beginning and a smooth transition, filming is perfect, a lot of super 8, and music is insanely good. Take this song for example! Love this shit! Brown Ricccce…  Looking forward to the next Butter Goods clip!

Atlantic Drift 

Arguably the best video series in skateboarding – Atlantic drift – with its psychedelic and mysterious atmosphere and some insanely good and creative skateboarding. I like this episode the best because of all the lines they put together. It is like a tutorial on what a line is supposed to be.  Some of Tom Knox lines seem like contest runs in a skatepark. Take this line for instance. After the first three tricks we are like – Great Tom that was a nice line you can stop here!  But the guy continues and does another line. Shit’s insane. Extra props to Jake Harris (the filmer and editor) for running around so much. Notice how many times he runs up stairs and just try to picture in your brain how it was filmed. Great job. 

Polar LA days. 

This video (an add for some expensive ass shoes) takes us to a place most of us will never go to: American skateboarding dream land! It is a perfect place to be! The weather is always nice there, girls are pretty, there are spots to skate, homies are always cheering for you, all colours are bright, empty pools, no rent, no jobs, tricks are easy and everybody is wearing blue pants with white t-shirts. What a life! Desire to experience these things is what makes us re-watch this fucker again and again!

Theories fo Atlantis in Chicago

Theories of Atlantis always deliver good videos. Josh Stewart the man behind the lens knows what looks tight and what we want to see as well as what we want to hear. I mean this fucking song haunted me for days after watching this video for the first time. The singer yelling something in his lo-fi voice to an exciting and at the same heartbroken guitar riff and all the skaters killing it. It seemed like such a strange song selection but at the same time really fitting. I also love all the 16mm shots, especially when the title Chicago appears at the first minute of the video and when they roll on the street through traffic. Small moments like these create some sort of an atmosphere and make a video stand out.

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