LSD: the new krooked video

Two things this video reminded me about: Brad Cromer’s amazing style and Mike Anderson’s existence. I don’t know how but I forgot about these things.  Also it was the first time ever I’ve seen Cromer slam. He is so good it seems he is flawless. Maybe it was his first slam ever? I haven’t seen Mike Anderson footage since his transworld part, so seeing him here was awesome! He got some of mine genuine wows in the end of his part. The rest of the Krooked team is tight as well. I like that everyone has a distinct style and kinda does their own thing. As far as video editing goes the only thing I dislike is the fade to black transitions between some parts. The company is fucking rad and shit like that doesn’t really fit there in my opinion. Anyway the video is great and stands out among most of other mainstream videos that come out.

p.s. the best krooked video ever —> Gnar Gnar

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