Around the Block

As skaters we learn to know whether it is wet or dry outside without even looking out of the window. In the morning when you wake up, you just lie in bed and listen to the cars pass by. They make sort of a wet sound if the asphalt is wet, so you know it is going to suck right from the start of the day. In the middle of November though, it doesn’t really work because it is almost always wet by default. But if it didn’t rain for a day and the sun is shining, you might assume that some spots are dry despite the wet sound and puddles everywhere. There is also a thing like skateable wet. You know what I am talking about? The ground is wet but you know you can skate it. So with all of that it mind we went to skate outside and film some quick clips with Arturs Bogdanovičs aka Mr. Boga.

By the way Happy 18th of November everyone! 

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