Madars Apse DC Domino

Whenever Madars drops a new part, we obviously examine it under a microscope. Not only it is enjoyable to watch our homeland hero skate around the world, but it is also exciting to see our local spots appear in real American skate videos :). You pass this spot every other day and here it is, on Thrasher. Special shout out to Madars for always including home turf in his parts. This DC part is special in that sense, as it has the kickflip into Uzvara bank that we have been waiting to see for a while now.

Madars has filmed 9 parts (according to our calculations), so we decided to ask a few quick questions about his approach to filming this part for DC. Enjoy! 

How long did this part take to film?
About a year, but there’s a bunch of old footy and leftovers from Element Peace video.

How much did you travel for the part?
A couple of trips to Spain and corona virus in the states.

Did you have any say in the editing process or song choice?
Yeah, Chris Ray was super awesome and we were working tightly together!

How involved are you in these kind of projects?
Well, I send Chris Ray what songs I like and he sends me his options, but in the end we ended up using a song recommended by Jimmy Astleford, the DC team manager, because he knows the singer of the band and it was cool to get the copyrights. And about the tricks to be used I sent Chris a couple of e-mails after he sends me his rough drafts, so it goes forth and back until perfection is reached! Looking forward to film another part!

How do go about filming for parts? Do you make a trick list or a spot list?
The best way to it is just to cruise I think, skate a spot and if something feels good, go with it, maybe try a couple more tries, maybe end up trying for hours, maybe come back two or three times to really get it good. So for this part I kind of did that, sometimes it works quick, sometimes longer and at the end I had a list of three tricks I wanted to do or do better. Thankfully the corona virus happened and I could clear the list easy, because I stayed in California for 3 months.

Is filming a part for you a stressful process or do you try to take it easy?
I try to take it easy, but it can get on my nerves sometimes when I am going to a spot to try something I have already planned. It’s truly a battle between me & myself, trying to fool myself sometimes, but I have learned that it’s better to be at peace, it is just skateboarding after all! Learned that from the best!

Where do you prefer to skate and film USA or Europe?Is there any difference?
No preference, I like to skate and that’s it. But of course, whenever I go out to the US it feels like a bigger deal, I guess every thing in America is bigger. I’m just saying that because there are a lot of good filmers and photographers and magazines and most importantly skateboarders in California. It’s awesome, but Europe and Latvia is awesome too. It all comes down to motivation.

According to our calculations you have 9 parts, including this one. Do you have a favorite part of yours or a part you are most proud of?
Not really, I’m not doing no favorites, likes or dislikes, that is all the past, FORGET ABOUT IT!!!


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