Go Skateboarding Day 2024

We love go skateboarding day around here, so every year local shops, organizations, crews etc. get together a make a collective plan for the day. This year was divided into two parts. With first being run by Takeover boys and the latter by Tikari skateshop and Boards.lv. Vans, LSK and KFC(? (yes, the chicken one)) Thank you everyone who got evolved in making this special day possible.  

(We got a mini video and some photos from Herbe) Enjoy!

The day started at Viesturdarzs and OG spot for Go Skate Days. In 2007 during Emerica Wild in Streets Viesturdarz was also one of the first spots. Remarkable.

Some youngsters waiting in line to throw kickflips down the drop.

After Viesturdarz we went to one of the best/worst spots in town, the someday-to-be-legendary double bank behind Kongresu nams. It sucks, but when Riga skaters see a bank, the don’t think twice.

Oh, that sweet TrrrTrrrrTrrrrrTrrrrr sound. You can just hear it through the image. So hot.

No Go Skate day is complete without hitting Rainis.

Takeover boys spiced up Rainis with a kicker. Smart.

Spanish grind – a great plaza trick. With that the classic Riga center spot circle was completed and everybody returned to safety aka Maxlas Muzejs. 

First challenge at Maxlas was the Vans Shoes Box. Og Sula Rudzits pulled a nollie bs ts on it.

Niklavs bs smith it in between MC duties.

Ragdoll challenge was a new addition to our events. The crowd like it.

Ragdoll winner got a KFC diner.

Flat bar challenge followed. Best trick and longest grind/slide. Rudik nailed it. Duh…

We couldn’t go without our favorite set up: kicker over something. This time it was a rail.

They turned it around a bit later and started grinding it. I don’t know why but it reminded me of Jeremy Rogers’ opening in Year Right. Thankfully no one got in that predicament.

Boga was the last one skating and finished the session with a fs hurricane. Yes, I call it frontside because it is frontside.

Overall it was a cool day. Thank you everyone who got involved and showed up.  Love to see the next gen taking over (pun intended).  Also, peep the vid. Have a great one! Peace.

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