Somewhere in Skanstes area, around 2.5 km away from old #baraxdiy, lies a mysterious asphalted park, dubbed by the local skaters as Swamptrack. It is located in a construction site, and, by the looks of it, was the first thing that got built on that site, except couple lanes, a playground and a work out area. The development of the of site is on halt for what seems to be close to a year already. Rumor has it the developers realized they were about build on a swamp and stopped the building process. So, Swamptrack is there all alone surrounded by empty fields of gravel and overground lawns. As a park swamptrack is weird. It is a symbiosis of  skatepark and a pumptrack, with two boxes. There are bowl-like curves and quarters with no coping, and a random tall flat bar, that someone will definitely crash into. Despite all of its oddities, Swamptrack has it’s charm, and you need to sneak in which adds to excitement.

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