Glimpse of Summer + Ear Massage Vol.2

“Maybe I have always been a skateboarder. I just started to skate late?!..” After the third beer I thought while sitting on the warm stone of the Stalin Plaza. June has heated in and I still explore this planetary experience now in a different city and through filming and skateboarding. Could I compare summers by the filmed footage, like last summer – nine tapes, now in September I started the third tape of this season. Some may say that early autumn is the best time for filming… Who knows, I have learned that it’s very hard to plan in skateboarding.

But even though I have not filmed much this summer I have experienced some of the sweetest moments I could wish for. Spending a month in Prague, Czech Republic and visiting the Transforma Festival in Tabor. Getting to know the local skate scene and I think I got a delusion for life from the beauty of the city of Prague, but maybe from the cheap beer there. Who cares?! I was happy to see that people there were filming, making zines, art, and events. I felt a good vibe there. Homies! Cherry on top was the Transforma Festival in a small town south from Prague – Tabor. My last weekend in Czech. I was able to join on the second day and be part of some goofy skateboarding activities, for the love of DIY, beers, and good electronic music.

So here is a little video recap. If you want to learn more, check the video by Tonda Záhorka and pictures by Chao Hsin Jan …. Check out this article.

My delusion did not stop there. Right after getting back from Prague, I jumped into the RajonTV tour. Tried my first two set and with help from a friend attempted a triset too. Could not land though. Heat was boiling us but Latvian rippers did not step back, I witnessed some badass tricks and rough spots, even got few clips myself, at least two 😀 It was the right way to switch back to Latvian vibe. Can’t wait for the new film and the magazine. Late Autumn?

But this year I started with a battle. I was on to land a kickflip. Took me 5 months to land it in the grass, 7 months to land on flat ground. And I managed to land it at the Baltic Girls Skate Jam 2, I kind of already knew in the morning that I was going to land that day, the same day where Laura Birša made the first recorded local hippy jump record with a height of 87cm. She could go higher, I am sure about it. But the kickflip battle is still going on and shoes are wearing off one by one and even if skateboarding is hard, let’s be real, dating is harder.

And why delusion? Well, the music I was listening this summer, haha, it’s definitely older than your girlfriend and is from my delulu era. Listen to it while cruising from point A to B or at home while cooking. With this vibe I went through the Summerz 2023. Lightly cringe! See you!

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